KUIS is an international graduate school established with a special vision of educating professionals for international co-operation. With global leadership, KUIS will cultivate international expertise and activists that will serve nations and countries at the frontiers. For this purpose, KUIS offers two majors: International Area Studies and International Cooperation Studies.

International Area Studies Major

The goal of International Area Studies program is to foster area experts who combine leadership and area expertise through interdisciplinary research and education in Eurasia, Africa, Middle East, West Asia, North East Asia, Indochina, and other strategic regions in Asia.

International Cooperation Studies Major
The goal of International Cooperation Studies program is to train experts who will carry out and make policies for international cooperation and volunteer programs in Asia, Africa and South-East Asia with global leadership. Through a research methodology, a pragmatic and theoretical education that are required on an overseas field, global leadership will be fostered. International Cooperation Studies Major covers international business, international relations, international economics and IT.