Korea University of International Studies (KUIS) provides lecture rooms, seminar rooms, and library and the university is furnished with the state of the art equipments such as the IT/language laboratory and wireless network to support fully students in their studies.

Maintains a number of domestic as well as international professional books, references, journals, and non-publication resources to keep pace with changes of the world in the globalization and the information age. Especially the library provides exceptional service to students and professors in their studies and researches by acquiring books and resources from the 3 rd world that are relevant to the Area Studies, and the International Cooperation Studies.

Operates the IT/LL room for the information technology education and language training. The room is equipped with the state of the art PCs and 100 Mbps network to accomplish a stable and quality teaching and learning environment.

Every floor has access to the high speed wireless network and thus students can freely enjoy internet and connect to the network.

Copy Room (print), Lounge, Seminar Room, Multimedia Room, etc.