KUIS is seeking partners who agree with our vision: fostering devoted specialists for international co-operation who will lead the world.

Any businesses, organizations, or individuals who love KUIS can contribute to the development fund.

Scholarship Sponsor
You may sponsor a scholarship to a student on one-on-one basis. Or you can select recipients according to regions where they want to go after graduation. Your support to one of our students means your support to one nation.

Ubiquitous Campus Construction Sponsor
KUIS pursues the ubiquitous computer system. Not only from a classroom but from anywhere in the world, lectures and school admission services are possible through the ubiquitous campus system. Your financial support will be used to acquire equipments and software.

Research Project Sponsor
In KUIS, there are continuous overseas area studies, international scholastic symposium, and many other overseas research activities. Your financial support will be used for these research projects.

Most Needed Sponsor
Your financial support will be used to our urgent needs.

Steady Small Amount Sponsor
KUIS is operated by financial support from our partners. You may join us by donating periodically a small amount (10,000 Won per account).

Questions on Sponsoring or Partnering with our School
Email: support@kuis.ac.kr